Guy Williams & Fernando Lupiz - El Zorro & Son
Actor Guy Williams & Actor Fernando Lupiz in costume, fencing along the seashore.

El Zorro Tiene Un Hijo

It was a tall order to fill. Guy Williams agreed to perform in Argentina as the beloved El Zorro and the search was on to find a young man with incomparable fencing skills to be el hijo de El Zorro, the Son of Zorro. In time newspapers and magazines held the headlines, El Zororo Tiene Un Hijo, El Zorro has a son, and his name is Fernando Lupiz.  (Actor Fernando Lupiz)

Fernando was in his early twenties when he was chosen to perform with Guy, but even at that young age he had remarkable credentials. Fernando was the Argentine Junior and Senior National Champion, extending the championship ways of his own father who was an Argentine fencing champion. Fernando also competed in the Pan American Games and won a silver metal representing Argentina.

Soon the young man was performing with Guy, traveling throughout South America. This spectacular picture of Guy and Fernando in costume, fencing along the seashore was taken at Mar del Plata, a popular seaside resort city.

Actor Fernando Lupiz and Actor Guy Williams

Guy Williams and Fernando Lupiz before a show.

Guy took Fernando Lupiz under his wing and taught the very young man the fine art of choreographed theatrical fencing. The two made a spectacular pair. Guy's powerful yet graceful style matched beautifully with Fernando's agile and energetic response. Guy also helped the young Fernando get his start in show business and helped the young man to establish his successful acting career.  (Actor Fernando Lupiz)

Our picture shows Guy and Fernando before a show holding a sign that loosely translates as, "No Sadness".

Actor Fernando Lupiz and Actor Guy Williams

El Zorro and Son was the final act of the Circus Real Madrid. In typical South American and European style, the final act portrayed a classic theatrical scene and what could be more classic for a Latin audience than El Zorro. Fernando and Guy spent years performing exhibitions all over South America. In one season alone in Mar del Plata Guy and Fernando entertained over 250,000 fans. This attendance record has yet to be broken.
 (Actor Fernando Lupiz)

The final act of the Circus Madrid Real - El Zorro & Son.

Actor Fernando Lupiz and Actor Guy Williams

Program cover for the El Zorro show.

After Guy Williams retired Fernando Lupiz continued his acting career and has starred in many successful theatrical and television productions. For ten years Fernando held a dream to someday bring El Zorro to the stage. That dream came true in the year 2000 when El Zorro came to the theatrical stage with Fernando starring as our hero in black.

El Zorro was an acclaimed success and will again be performed this season for its third straight year. The show has also been performed in many vacation resort areas including Mar del Plata where it won "Best Show of the Season" award.

This picture is the program cover for the El Zorro show.  (Actor Fernando Lupiz)

Actor Fernando Lupiz and Actor Guy Williams

Fernando Lupiz

No doubt Guy would be proud of the accomplishments of his protege and friend. Fernando is quick to acknowledge his high regard for Guy and is pleased and honored to carry the Zorro legacy to a new generation. After the last curtain call of the theatrical premier of "El Zorro", Fernando stepped out to center stage. He spoke to the audience about his dream of an El Zorro production and of his deep regard for Guy Williams. Fernando then dedicated the show to "my master, my mentor and my friend, Guy Williams". With his foil pointed to the heavens, he then said, "This is for you Guy". That poignant tribute was followed by a standing ovation.

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Guy Williams & Fernando Lupiz 

Actor Guy Williams
Actor Fernando Lupiz

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